How to Sell Directly Through Social Media: A Brief Guide

Social media is an extremely powerful tool for creating trust, influence, and a reputation. If you want people to recognize and trust your brand, then using social media is an excellent way to achieve that. This of course leads indirectly to more sales.

But you can also use social media as the perfect tool for selling directly. In fact, you can think of social media in some cases as a highstreet! You just need to get out there and sell!

How to Sell Through Social Media: The Soft Sell
So, how do you go about doing this?

As it happens, there are actually two different primary methods you can use for selling online. The first of these is well suited to selling high-ticket services. This includes things like life coaching, personal training, or consulting.

The aim here is to prequalify people before you spend time trying to get them to buy from you. You do that by allowing them to contact you, rather than chasing them and trying to convince them to buy something they've shown no interest in.

Simply make lots of posts that demonstrate the value you offer. If you are a personal trainer, that might mean videos and photos of your own workouts, or workouts you are doing with clients that have gotten them into amazing shape.

You then simply wait for people to get in touch with you, help answer their questions, and mention that you sell a service if they take the topic further.

Direct Product Sales
You can also use social media to directly sell a product. You do this by including the link in your bio, then buy through link  in caption to make the sale.
Likewise, you might use the swipe-up feature, though this is only available for verified accounts. (On Instagram post links aren't clickable)

Of course, if you have an easily identifiable URL, you can simply recommend that people go there.

The idea is to treat this post like an advert: although that shouldn't be obvious. Instead, you're going to sell the dream and the value proposition with a post that is inspiring and that gets an emotional response.

Then include the direct link and you should find that your audience goes straight through it to make the purchases!

If you use the right hashtags, you can reach a huge and well-targeted audience, even as a small creator. And you can make as many of these posts as you like  as long as they also provide some value and therefore won't eat away at your following.

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