The Psychology of Sales: 5 Psychological Tricks That Will Help You Sell More

Want to sell more units through your online store? Then you need to get inside the heads of the people buying from you.

Sales is all about psychology: it is about understanding the desires of the audience that you are selling to and then speaking to them in a way that talks directly to those desires. It's about getting them into the right frame of mind, and it's about capitalizing on that in just the right way.

Here are five tricks you can use that will help you to sell more, based on this understand.

Contrast can refer to the use of color in order to draw the eye, which is in itself a smart utilization of psychological understanding. Another use for contrast though, is in contrasting two very different price points. By doing this, you make your cheaper item seem extremely good value, and you make your more expensive item seem extremely premium!

Think of what you're doing as creating the perfect psychological hormone cocktail! The aim is to pique interest, get the reader wanting to buy, and then to create anxiety that causes them to take immediate action.
One of the ways you trigger that anxiety is by using scarcity!

Red Buy Button
Color psychology can have a huge impact on sales. Did you know that we're more likely to buy something if the buy button is red? Again, this is all about creating that anxiety that triggers an impulsive action: the color red has been shown to elevate heart-rate and thus make us more prone to quick decisions!

Social Proof
Humans are social animals and we make many decisions based on what we think everyone else is doing. By getting testimonials and using statistics, we can not only make a product seem popular (and therefore remove worries that it might not be good), but also make the person feel as though they'll be missing out if they don't get involved and make a purchase!

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