Top 3 Paid Ad Platforms To Consider To Advertise Your Product or Service

If you are selling a product or service, then you need to get word out. Your product could be the most exciting thing in the world at an extremely low price but if no one knows about it, you aren't going to sell!

While there are many strategies for creating an audience for your product, these often involve a slow process of building trust and authority, while creating lots of content.
Easier and more straightforward is simply to build an ad campaign. By using the right platform and the right strategy, you can create an ad campaign that is rigged to win.

In other words, you can nearly guarantee that the ads you create will provide a strong ROI. How? Simply by ensuring each click costs you less than you typically earn per visitor.

As long as you have a little up-front investment, there is no reason not to use these powerful platforms to boost your income and scale your business. The more money you earn from this process, the more you can funnel back into further advertising.

Here are three places to start:

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads have the amazing benefit of being extremely targeted. That is to say that you can show ads in the newsfeed based on a person's hobbies, interests, job role, geographic location, age, sex, relationship status, income, and more!
This means you can show the right thing to the right person. Selling a wedding dress? Then use Facebook Ads and target engaged women with a high disposable income based in your local area!

Google Ads
Google Ads come in two flavors. The most popular is Google AdWords, which allows you to show ads right on the search engine results pages (SERPs). This way, you can target people based on what they are looking for. That not only tells you something about the person, but also what they're doing at that moment: what their intent may be.

In short, this lets you show ads to people who are actively looking to buy!

Instagram Ads
Don't ignore Instagram! Not only is Instagram the second largest social network, but its visual format also makes it very effective at selling ideas. You can use Instagram ads to make your products and services look exciting, and then make sure those are seen by the right people.


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