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How To Research Your Competition Guide

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In this course, you’ll learn a four-step process for gathering as much information as possible on your competition, analyzing this data and comparing it to your own business.

Gather competitor data. In this step, you'll identify who your competitors are, what information you need to gather, and how to do it.

Research your competitors’ customers. You'll learn as much as possible about your competitors' customers so that you can better understand their needs.

Analyze your competitive data. This stage is where you take all of the data you've gathered and analyze it in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

Assess your competitive standing. Here, you'll assess the results of your analysis and where there are opportunities for your business, comparing yourself to your competition.

Introduction – The Case for Competitor Research
Step 1 – Gather Competitor Data
Step 2 – Research Your Competitors' Customers
Step 3 – Analyze Your Competitive Data
Step 4 – Assess Your Competitive Standing
Conclusion and Next Steps

Bonus Assets
➢ How to Research Your Competition Action Guide - To use alongside the activities outlined in the Course Book
➢ Course Summary Cheat Sheet – A highlevel overview of each module of the course