Social Media Is A Tool, Not The Destination

Samantha Johnson

Social Media Is a Tool Not a Destination

Online business owners and marketers get attached to various social media platforms and will get upset if you mention that the platform is just a tool – and since you don’t own it, it could disappear tomorrow.  

However, it’s true. Social media is a tool to use to promote your content, but it’s not the destination where you want to send your audience. Due to this fact, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket.

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1 – It's A Discovery Tool

Using social media, you can learn so much about your audience. You can set up alerts to learn what is being said about any topic, person, or business under the sun. Being able to listen in on your audience is almost like having magic powers when it comes to developing your marketing message.

2 – It's Humanizing

You may be surprised to read this because sometimes it seems the opposite is true due to the high rate of bullying on social media platforms like Twitter. However, social media is encouraging businesses and corporations to become more humanlike in their marketing, and you can use this to your advantage by focusing on showing your brand voice and personality in a humanizing way.

3 – It Eliminates Cold Calling & Messaging

Due to social media marketing, you can stop cold calling if you use that in your marketing campaigns. You can instead warm up your audience by using social media and building a community. Then when you do reach out, they already know who you are, what you stand for, and are more likely to want to buy from you.

4 – It's A Money Saver & Equalizer

Social media saves you a lot of money. It lowers the barriers to entry into the market by those who aren’t born on third base. In the old days before social media, you had few ways outside of expensive advertisements on TV and in newspapers and magazines to get the word out. Now you can start free using social media.

5 – It's A Tool To Find Your Audience

Each social media platform is a community in and of itself, much like a city or state is a community too. With few exceptions, you’ll be able to find your ideal audience on various social media platforms.

It's An Addictive Presence

Social media is addictive due to the fact that people love getting information – much like the character in the old movie Short Circuit, where the robot Johnny Five loves getting input. Humans are no different. We love input, and the more relevant and high-quality input you can deliver to them, the more likely they are to want to see more.

When you realize social media is a tool and not a destination, you can also realize that depending on just one of all the different platforms that exist is a mistake. Always ensure you own your content on your website first, then share it with your audience using the tool of social media to spread the word.

About The Author

Samantha Johnson is the founder of DigiGirl Boss Marketing Agency. She has is a self-proclaimed marketing geek and has helped dozens of online business owners plan, organize, strategize and grow their online business through simple strategies, resources and tools.