What is Digital Marketing and Why Should You Care?

Madeline Carpenter

Getting Started

Internet marketing simply entails promoting your business on the web through digital channels. Any marketing activity that is carried out online is considered 'digital marketing' or ‘internet marketing’ and that includes:

• Search engine optimization (SEO)

• Content marketing

• Social media marketing

• PPC advertising

• Influencer marketing

• Press releases

• Email marketing

• And more…

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These various pillars of internet marketing can each help you to bring more visitors to a website or a blog and that in turn then gives you the opportunity to promote your business and hopefully drive ‘conversions’ (i.e. turning visitors into customers).

What makes digital marketing so effective is that it doesn’t have to cost a huge amount to be successful. You can spend an awful lot of SEO and content marketing and thereby try to get your site to the top of Google, but sometimes it just takes one smartly placed link to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site.

And if you’re willing to put in consistent time and effort, then anyone can build a massive, loyal audience thereby become a big influencer in their niche. Thus, internet marketing is the ‘great equalizer’. Marketing no longer requires a huge budget: it is now something that you can do just as well as the largest organizations – as long as you’re smart with it.

Internet marketing has other advantages too: it allows you to actually engage with your audience for instance. Using social media or running contests means that you’re able to interact with the very customers you’re trying to obtain and get feedback from them. Then there’s the simple fact that the web is capable of reaching such a huge audience – including people from all around the world. If you’re selling something with international shipping, then this is by far the best way to reach a global audience.

Who is Internet Marketing For?

For all these reasons, internet marketing is for everyone. No matter what type of business you are running, you should be able to benefit from internet marketing and find that it can help you to increase your brand visibility, to grow your audience and to make bigger profits.

Some businesses are only able to exist thanks to internet marketing. These are the entirely online businesses, such as people who sell ebooks. Ebooks are digital products with no overheads and by marketing them correctly, it’s possible to make huge amounts of sales that will earn you almost entirely profit. Ebooks can be something of a hard sell, but the fact that you can reach such a massive audience and engage with them directly means that you can get enough turnover to earn big profits. These businesses only exist thanks to internet marketing!

Other businesses also rely very heavily on internet marketing. If you sell a service online, such as web design or copywriting, then using internet marketing will allow you to ensure that the maximum number of potential clients sees your website and considers hiring your services. Knowing how to reach that audience online is the difference between long dry spells where you aren’t bringing in any cash and a steady flow of orders and income. Of course, the same is also true for an ecommerce business which exists to turn visitors to a website into paying customers in a similar way. Amazon actually spends over $1 million a day on Google AdWords alone, which shows you just how much the company values its internet marketing.

But it’s not just online business that can benefit from internet marketing. Big brands like CocaCola, Red Bull, Marvel, Ford, Best Buys… they all spend huge amounts on internet marketing because they know that it is now more effective than spending that same money on print media or television.

And the same goes for small businesses like hair dressers, restaurants and highstreet stores; and sole traders like plumbers, builders and lawyers. As we will see, anyone can benefit from internet marketing and it is the single most efficient way to increase footfall for your company.

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