In this 3 hour strategy session, I'm going to walk you through how to create digital products your audience needs regardless if you have a service or product based business. AND how to market them for maximum exposure!

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I Want To Hold Your Hand.

What if I told you that I’ll hold your hand. I’ll personally walk you through how to increase your monthly cash flow by creating digital products your audience will love and want to buy?

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Dear Boss Lady,

 Running your own business is tough.

 It doesn’t matter if it’s online or good ol’ brick and mortar.

Not too long ago I was working with a client of mine, Kiera. She said something that really got me thinking.

 She said “ Do you know what my biggest frustration is?”

 Me: “No, what?”

“My biggest frustration is that there’s all these gurus, consultants, and agencies out there give you all these great ideas and advice - but that’s it. You’re left to figure it out for yourself, how to implement the ideas on your own!”

I realized, she’s right.

Not only were other consultants guilty of it. I used to be guilty of it.

And furthermore, I remember having the same frustrations with the consultants I used in the past… And that’s not fair! Not to me and certainly not to Kiera.

woman sitting at desk thinking

Let me properly introduce myself...

 My name is Samantha and I’m a Marketing Manager and owner of DigiGirl Boss Marketing Agency.

I have to admit that Kiera's bluntness left a pit in my stomach. Afterall, I thought of Kiera like family - I think of all my contractors and clients as family.

So to hear her say that she felt ‘left out in the cold’ and abandoned, well that just didn’t sit right with me.

It was an eye opening discussion. So I decided to see how many of my other clients felt the same way Kiera did.

So I got on the chat and emails and asked them, What do you need the most help with?

Majority of my clients, both past and current, told me the same thing.

They really wanted to add another stream of income but didn't want to create another hustle or add to their current workload with clients and customers.

A lot of them mentioned creating and selling digital products.. 

...but they didn’t know where to start.

Not only that, they also didn’t know what products they would even offer!

I totally understood where they were coming from.

I remember having the same issue. I wanted to offer some kind of lead magnet - but what?

Ebook. Mini Course. Workbook. Which one? All of them?

So I gathered up my team of geniuses (not really, it was just one genius) and we started brainstorming.

Our mission was to come up with a program that had the following two criteria:

  • It had to help our clients build a digital product that their clients need.
  • It couldn’t leave our clients feeling like we left them out in the cold.

 We immediately ruled out eBooks and video tutorials. That’s overdone in our industry.

Then it struck us. What our clients were actually asking for was guidance. To be guided through the process…

...and we figured out the perfect way to do it...

I'm excited to introduce you to...

Products and Profits

In this awesome program, I will take you by the hand and use our exclusive ‘C.B.E. Framework’ to help you create the digital products your customers need.

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I'll be there with you every step of the way...

We’ll be there every step of the way. We’ll guide you in figuring out the perfect digital product for your ideal customer.

Then we’ll guide you in building your sales pages, funnels, and automations.

We end this perfect experience by creating an action plan to help you market and promote your new digital product on your own.

THE PROCESS. My C.B.E Framework


We will gather information on your business and its main offers to see where we can add a product that complements what you already do. I will guide you to plan your product idea.

  • Identify your Audience
  • Pricing
  • Product Validation Strategy
  • Prepare Product Offer


We will build your Sales Pages, Funnel, and Automation right on the call! (Details can be tweaked later.) But the meat of the development, we will go through during our session. We use LeadPages to build all our opt-in pages, salespages and funnels and I will show you how to setup on this user-friendly platform.


Once we've gotten your product outlined and your funnel started, you'll get a quick action plan to follow that will help you start marketing and promoting your new digital product! We'll go through this on our call and you will also receive a PDF with your action plan outlined for you to reference anytime!


We believe that marketing should be about initiating a life-long relationship between your business and your ideal consumer. We build the bridges that connect your brand with the people you need to reach. Ready to have a bigger impact? Begin building relationships with the right kind of marketing.

Our Clients.

“Our small boutique has skyrocketed in traffic and sales since partnering with DigiGirl Boss Marketing. Their 1-hour response time and great customer service is just the beginning. They know how to get you targeted traffic and engagement just by implementing a few minor tweaks..”

- Janice P. (Skincare Brand)

“We are more than pleased with the outcome of our new shop! We love the logo and branding Samantha had created for us and with the extremely detailed marketing plan her and her team developed for us, we are on the right track to making this business successful and profitable. We got a ton of traffic & sales in our first 2 weeks of launching! ”

- Ashley L. The Sweat Drip (Fitness Shop)

OK Samantha, I'm ready! But how much is it?

Let me ask you... what’s something like this worth?

What would it be worth to have an expert help you gather information on your business to see where you can add products that compliment what you already do?

What would it be worth to have an expert guide you in identifying your ideal customer and target audience, figure out your pricing and help you prepare your product offer?

What would it be worth to have an expert help you build your sales pages, funnel and automation?  That’s all your opt-in pages, sales pages and funnels!

What would it be worth to have an expert leave you a detailed action plan to help you start marketing and promoting your new digital product?

What would all that be worth?

I’m guessing a lot.

I could easily charge, $997+ for this session.

But I want to help as much people as possible grow their business and make more money!

You won't pay that much for this call.

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All it takes is a single conversation to get the ball rolling.

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